The outsourced solution is for business owners who don’t currently have a marketing director and need someone to help with both strategic development and tactical execution of a marketing plan. You get the benefit of an experienced marketing expert without the overhead of an equivalent full-time resource.

3X Marketing Business Evaluation

We start with an efficient and comprehensive business evaluation. The goal is learn your goals and expand our knowledge of your basic products/services, delivery channels, locations and structure. We will also discuss your brand and key messaging.

3X Marketing Inventory Assessment

Using our proprietary list of comprehensive marketing tools and tactics, we can quickly evaluate the current marketing elements in use and insure your current materials align with your brand and key messaging. (Don’t have a defined brand – no worries – we can help with that too.)

3X Marketing Roadmap and Budget

We will document your current state, recommend a future state and develop the roadmap to get there. From a budget perspective, we can determine various levels of investment that will help you walk, jog, run or sprint.

Reporting and Metrics

A weekly marketing dashboard will help determine the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns and efforts. We monitor the trends on lead tracking, conversions, website traffic, email opens, click thrus, etc. along with calculate a return on investment.

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